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About Simply Shakti

Hi!  I am Twyla,  Owner and Creatrix of Simply Shakti!  I began my holistic journey in 2012 when I was experiencing hormonal imbalances.  After years of making natural skin care products for my own personal use, as well as for my family and friends, I started researching natural ways to heal the body, mind, and spirit.  Simply Shakti offers products and services that specialize in Womb Health, Massage & Bodywork Therapy, and Feminine & Masculine Wellness. In addition to my signature, all natural, custom made skin care products, Simply Shakti offers wellness elixirs, sea moss gel and  custom herbal tea blends. Each unique bodywork therapy session and product is created specifically for the client! 


Simply Shakti’s holistic health services and products are solely for the purpose of helping the client to attain and maintain optimum health. At all times, your healing is your responsibility.  It is my belief that when given the proper nourishment, mentally, physically and spiritually, the body has the ability to heal itself.  Services provided by Twyla Bass. Stroder and Simply Shakti are not to be substituted for a physician’s advice.  Simply Shakti’s services are complimentary healing alternatives, supplemental, and completely elective. Statements made in on this website, or on any marketing or public relations material regarding natural wellness products have not been approved by the FDA.  If you are taking medications, please consult your primary care physician before using any natural product.

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